A Sweet Repose


Welcome to the result of my heart bulging past the seams of an Instagram caption. I don’t intend to get long winded here, but I wanted a space that allowed me to if I so desired. To run through the empty field of a thought process, or simply stay quiet and post pictures of delight instead. Photos that are proof of presence like carrot peels, and twirly dresses, or abandoned bananas and weed arrangements. There is freedom here. And I’m realizing every day that I stand in the doorway of my own liberation most of the time.

I’ve given the name for this space “A Sweet Repose.” In Latin, the word repose is broken down to be re- (“again”) + pausare (“to pause, to rest, to halt”). Throughout our day it is easy to remember that we need to once again feed our bodies, once again brush our teeth, once again vacuum the floor, once again, once again, once again (insert whatever outward maintenance we rarely neglect). But our hearts need this once again. This re-pausing, this repose. This worshipful maintenance.

While I don a lot of different hats, this space is less a home education/living minimally/motherhood/nature loving blog and more a space to re-posture my heart and hold the beauty in the midst of all the hat wearing. There is a lot of talk these days about finding the “root of health” for our bodies, but what about our souls? Where can true rest be found? How can we not only experience it, but create rhythms to anchor us making it a sustainable wellspring no matter the noise outside of our hearts?

I have a particular personality that is pretty decent at coming up with an idea, and not too bad at maintaining it. But the starting it? Well now. That’s where the whole plan gets shelved (for a considerable amount of time) until someone who knows my heart and my seed-like plan and reminds me it’s a worthy goal after all. So in knowing this about myself, I will end this first post here and comfort my trembling heart with these words:

“You’re finally set free to keep this space going. The hard part is behind you.”

6 responses to “A Sweet Repose”

  1. Lauren,
    My precious first born. This is absolutely priceless, refreshing and inspires me to reframe my thoughts and actions.
    We are all given these gifts but rarely claim them/ let alone acknowledge the depth of the freedoms.
    I love you/ mom


    1. Thank you for being someone I can share those seed-like dreams with!


  2. Beautiful Lauren! I am so excited, and so inspired for your determination in “intentionalness.” You know yourself well and seek health in all areas, I love that and hope I can do the same as well and with as much finesse as you!


    1. You are such an encourager, sweet friend. Thank you!


  3. I am always inspired by your thoughts and photos


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