A Song that Anchors

When I really sit for a moment to realize how fragile my wayward human heart is, its pretty humiliating. No matter the intention I set (and maybe even accomplished) in the morning, by noon I almost forget that girl and the temporal things seem to completely consume me. How a few unmet expectations can have the power to change the trajectory of my day, I will never know. We are a fragile people needing to anchor our days on a sure foundation. That much I’m confident of.

One practice that we do in our home to not only anchor us, but give us a current to keep moving forward is to sing. Sometimes even in the VERY thick of things, a quiet hum that grows into words will attract the frazzled little people to me like a moth to a flame. There is comfort in holding on to words that you know to be true. Words that are larger than your misunderstanding. That are surer than your capabilities.

I have put the lyrics below to the song “A Christian’s Daily Prayer” (and even the Youtube link at the bottom). The first verse I sing before they wake, and then at the breakfast table together. The second we try to sing at the lunch table and then I usually sing after they go down for a rest. And the third verse we sing to them as they go to sleep and then I find myself singing again looking at the night sky. The humbling thing about it is that every single time I sing the next verse in the day my soul was parched for it as if dehydrated.

May this song be an encouragement to you. May it anchor your soul on truth, lift your chin to the light, and carry you like a current from dawn to dusk.


As morning dawns and day awakes 
To you I bring my need 
Oh gracious God, my source of strength 
In you I live and breathe 
Each hour is yours, by wisdom planned
Each deed empowered by Sovereign hands 
Renew my spirit, help me stand 
Be glorified today.


As day unfolds, I seek your will
In all of life's demands
And though the tempter tries me still
I cling to your commands
Let every effort of my life
Display the matchless worth of Christ
Make me a living sacrifice
Be glorified today.


As sun gives way to darkest night
Your spirit still is here
And though my strength fades like the light
New mercies will appear
I rest in You, abide with me
Until our trials and suffering
Give way to final victory
Be glorified today.
Be glorified I pray.

I would so love to hear what anchors you and/or your family to carry you from dawn to dusk. Feel free to comment!

4 responses to “A Song that Anchors”

  1. A lit candle on the table at every meal
    Always starting the homeschool day with Frog and Toad
    Listening to an audio book during lunch
    Luke reading bible stories at bedtime

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    1. Oh my I love these so much! Frog and Toad should most definitely start every day 🥰


  2. Morning chair time before the sunrise
    Time outside- preferably the woods


    1. Being up before the sunrise is one of my favorites too :).


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