A Home for Things

Hello there you sweet friends who peek in on this space. I know I’m the only one talking here, but the awareness that you are here too propels me to move forward. Thanks for that.

When the beginning of this year started to unfold, I considered five intentions to spend my energy on (life really boils down to energy management, yes?). Thankfully they have proved attainable even in these very uncertain times. I’ve decided to place them here as a framework to give a home for the assortment of things I enjoy talking about. Being spontaneous and whimsy to just “write whatever” seemed appealing at first, but for the side of me that likes things to have a home and a place to land, it lost its luster quicker than I thought.

Everything will still stem from the foundation of “considering in a life at rest” but will flow into and settle at these places:

1. COMMUNE | Be still before the Lord.

This is really the wellspring of rest, so let’s start here. These will be thoughts on stillness in the presence of the Lord. Songs, lyrics or words that incline our hearts back to the Father. Thoughts on considering rhythms of communion with Him and even the profound things that children have to say on the topic. Their wisdom runs deeper than we give them credit for.

We may even sing to you:

How Great Thou Art

2. DELIGHT| Chase after the beauty before you.

This will be a place for pure joy. It’s one of those intentions that spills into all the other ones, but will be more filled with wonder and carefree much like how a child sees the world. Things like buttercup petals for nail polish or a book we keep underlining, or a nature sighting that makes us giddy!

3. CULTIVATE | Nurture your mind with wholesome ideas.

As a previous educator turned home educator, I have a strong passion for cultivating minds. This will be a space for me to process the journey of learning alongside my children in things of beauty and worth. Composers, artists, poetry, history, really the sky is the limit here. Let us not grow weary in learning something new!

4. STEWARD | Manage what you own with simple intention.

This will be a space for how to find a simple solution to the management of life so that we have margin for rest. Simplifying the schedule, the closet, the toys, chores, etc. Owning little with habits of maintenance liberates us to rest not just in the physical sense, but really truly in our hearts.

5. OFFER | Posture your heart to another.

I have found that when the previous four intentions are in working order, this intention happens effortlessly. When we are at peace with the Lord and how He sees us, we feel alive to be who we are to the world because we deeply believe we are beloved. When we are used to delighting and being filled with joy, we are an offering just with our presence. When we are cultivating our minds (and hearts) with rich and beautiful things, we have a storehouse to spill from to lend a kind word, quote, verse, or song to another. And when we steward our time and the things we own, we are more available for others. When we finally are brave enough to offer the art of who we are, we feel alive and the cycle begins once more.

To whomever is here,
So glad you are.


6 responses to “A Home for Things”

  1. I am here! I love reading your thoughts and seeing your beautiful pictures. You are an inspiration to me to get my blog up and running. I am getting closer each day. I don’t have all of the cute little girls to take pictures of, but I will do the best with what I have around here. 🙂 So glad you are writing, Lauren!


    Aunt Christina


    1. Oh, so glad you are! Can’t wait to see you on your own space 🙂


  2. Your photos are lovely. And I love the emphasis on rest. It is something I feel bad about sometimes, like I seem to have this undercurrent of desire to be productive. But rest is important, too. Super agree with points 2 and 4, too. Have a nice day!


    1. Hey thanks! Yes, I have been on a simplifying journey for many years, but have come to find that if its not on a foundation of rest + trust, then it really isn’t sustainable for me.


  3. Commune, cultivate, delight, steward and offer….what a precious invitation for a life review you have given for each of us Lauren! Your words instill tender godly invitations and structure. The gentle approach with endless depth Is like soul, mind and heart mini retreats.
    Thank you. Keep writing. Help us to keep seeing what is all around us and inside us…


    1. Thank you for this encouragement! Love this quote I heard recently “A muse needs only to BE in order to inspire mortal man to reach for something greater than himself.” You are my muse. Thank you for your presence here.


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