Opal: The Journal of an Understanding Heart

I don’t know how I missed it, but one of my favorite book stores in town has actually been open this entire quarantine time. As an adult I tried to pull myself together and look civilized as I did a walk/run to the used book section. Wow, I didn’t realize how ravenous I would act. You’d think I hadn’t stepped foot in one for 2 months or something silly like that.

I already enjoy reading myself, so that’s always one reason to buy books. But then I became a home educator which added another reason. But now I have a daughter who devours books faster than I serve them and so here we are – always looking for the next great story or literary friend.

Whenever I find a book that all of us adore or one that my oldest asks to re-read herself and bring a pencil to underline things that “touch her heart”, I might just leave a little review for you all here. This one has earned it’s own post for sure.

Opal: The Journal of an Understanding Heart

This entire book is the written words of an orphaned six year old girl born a century ago who has a deep connection with her world around her. Her personal diary or “prints” as she calls them, were meticulously pieced together after they were torn apart and put in a poetry like format (and edited spelling) for us all to enjoy and read with ease.

I guarantee you will fall in love with this little girl Opal. We with our adult eyes will be able to see and appreciate all that she overcomes and experiences on a completely different level, but her sweet innocence will leave you enchanted. My daughter reading this is also six and is absolutely captivated and inspired to write about her life as she sees it. The underlined marks are both her own and mine, but I’ve left notes in the captions for better clarity.


Describing her empathy for a hungry hobo/tramper on the road.
Talking about massaging her horses heads after a long day of pulling logs.
A reflection after her beloved crow died.
Hugging her cow when she felt she was lonesome.
Her observing the joy in a new mother.
Her reflection about how potatoes in the ground must have a lot of eyes to see the world.

Enchanted yet? Go get yourself a copy and read it with a pencil handy.

One response to “Opal: The Journal of an Understanding Heart”

  1. Enchanted simplicity that helps us all see the world from a beautiful new perspective… thank you on multiple levels….vital to keep our eyes of wonder open….


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