Friend in Jesus

On good days, may you sing. Then on the hard days it becomes a song of remembrance when your memory is bleak.

Are you weak and heavy laden, cumbered with a load of care?

I know I am. Quite suffocated at the moment. Sitting on my laundry room floor because the hour of returning my child to her bed (and it started at 4am) has me quite defeated. Wish I could say it wasn’t the theme for putting her to bed last night as well.

Precious Savior still our refuge, take it to the Lord in prayer.

Things I’m telling myself right now and maybe you need this too? He sees your noble intentions. The hour you creep out of bed and stumble to the coffee pot just for a moment of peace where no one needs you. He sees this. But your diligence does not mold your heart. It does not make you any more holy or shield this time from interruptions. It is simply a pathway you put yourself on to sit in His presence. And maybe right now the type of presence you need with Him is a crying out. A weeping of all you cannot control. Allow this space to be an invitation for the Lord to work as He sees fit. He is oftentimes but a whisper to our loud personal-space expectations.

In His arms he’ll take and shield you, thou will find a solace there.

Whatever you are journeying through at this very moment upon reading this, I pray you would feel the strength of the Lord. Let His truth sing over you as the last word, for what a friend we have in Jesus.

Don’t wait to sing until the setting is perfect. Even at the bustle of breakfast, your children may join in and touch your heart.

One response to “Friend in Jesus”

  1. Barbara Chase Avatar
    Barbara Chase

    Thank you Lauren for that precious reminder of our Savior who loving waits for us to come to him. The promise of refuge in the midst of our chaos. Oh the sweet reality that we are never alone in our mess, He lingers and waits for us. Thank you Lauren.

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