Compassion + Retreat

The world is quite loud right now. And while the sheer volume of information may be for noble purpose, we must be reminded of our frame.

We are people who need habitual resetting. A continual reminder that we are all but broken vessels who are not the Savior of the world. And even the true Savior found ways to pull away in between his compassion on the crowds. On our path to healing the hurt, educating ourselves about injustice and reaching out we must find our footing. Each in our own hearts.

Once grounded, may we take just a moment to breathe deep and see something that is still beautifully persisting among the tension. Taking a breath on the path to understanding is not a selfish act. It is a meek restructuring of the eyes of our hearts. The very thing we desire to offer this hurting nation. A new month is upon us, did you know? Chokecherry blossoms are sending their fragrance all over the trails. The birds have never resigned singing to you. The grass is still graced with dew of the morning. Your little ones still need hugs, and wholehearted eye contact.

May we sit in the uncomfortable volume of all the voices crying out for understanding. For justice. For change. But may we honor their cries by attending to them from a heart that knows how to retreat and surrender to its humble design.

“It is wonderful how many delights fall to the lot of him who is led by God. For such a one the clasp of a friends’ hand, a cool drink in the heat of noon, a merry salutation from a passing traveler, a glimpse of beauty by the road, a quiet resting-place at night, are all full of unspeakable pleasure.”


One response to “Compassion + Retreat”

  1. Lauren your sweet repose has refreshed my heart and soul once again. Thank you. I love you. Keep writing my dear.


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