A Light that Sees. A Light that Leads.

It is quite difficult for a child, in a moment of deception, to realize her well crafted plan was brought to light by her parent. Whatever the remnant excuses lingering in her mind at that moment, what’s done is done. The jig is up. All is brought to light. No point in justifying this away.

But what if in that vulnerable moment that child hears “Come, let me love you and show you how to walk in obedience. I saw it all, but I love you still and want to lead you. Will you follow me?”

This simple invitation is waiting for us too. Moment by moment.

Try as we may to deceive the world or ourselves, we all lie exposed and naked to our Maker. No matter how eloquently we can reason away or justify sinful behavior in our life that grieves Him, His light pierces and knows. Yet in His mercy, He not only uses this permeating light to “search all our innermost parts” (Proverbs 20:27), but this very same light revives the spirit and tenderly guides. His word is the very lamp to our feet and the light to our path in a world that we already all agree is dark (Psalm 119:105).

Let us be seen by Him without offense.
Let us be lead by Him without resistance.

Just a simple message to hopefully permeate the darkness of anxious thought or unbelief. Both weights I seem to accumulate in my sleep yet willingly surrender before the sun comes up. The jig is up. He sees me anyway, right? Thank the Lord He loves me enough to both expose and take me by the hand.

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